Catalonia is on the Fight

catalonia is on the fight

Democracy is being rapped
By Empire with no mercy
Catalonia is on the fight
Rebel forces against the Empire

Tie Fighters sends the Empire
With the soldiers of the darkness
X-Wing has Catalonia
Powered by Democracy

The dark side of the Force
Thinks the victory he has
But never in Universe
Light has been someted, Light like us

This starting Revolution
Lidered by Rebel Forces
Will be the start of the End
Of the Fascist Spanish Empire

It has more than seventy years
Oppressing spanish people
But this starts its own End
Catalonia is on the fighting

Don´t be afraid about the darkness
His power is in no existence
One little candle beates
The darkness of a big place

So the spanish fascist empire
Will be beated with the Force
Of a little candle it seems
But big Sun, Catalonia is


Catalonia is on the Fight

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