Catalonia, The Starting Revolution

starting revolution

Catalonia doesn’t be afraid
Tomorrow the Victory will be
Starting the Revolution
To end Fascist Tirany

Rigged Election was the last
One million votes didn’t appear
Spanish Fascist Government
Used machines for fear

One entire population
Fighting for their Human Rights
Is a very good example
What we all want to be

Thousands of polices trying
To close down the Democracy
Closing webs, stopping services
Arresting people for nothing

Their work is in useless
As population well knows
How to vote for tomorrow
Constructing a new Paradigm

Tomorrow will be start
The final Total Revolution
The fascism finished is
These shouths only his swansong is

The fascism is on the rage
Cause only rage fascism is
But calatan population
On the Democracy Party is

All these franquist that govern
Spain in the present time
Will be, for sure, in the jail
Tomorrow with the Democracy

Futile are their efforts
To stop the Reality
Because the History is talking
And the History will be
Tomorrow, Democracy is here



Catalonia, The Starting Revolution

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