Where are the men, where are?
When a woman is in risk, when a woman is in kill
When a man hurts a woman, when a man hurts a child
When a man insults a woman, when a woman raped is

Where are the men, where are?
The real men, the authentic men, the Feminist men
Where are? Do They exist, do they be, do they wake up?
The World can’t wait so far, Feminist men rise up and talk!

Now is the moment, now is the Era
The Women in fight with Feminist men as total allies
The Feminist men against the patriaracal men
Shutting their mouths and cutting their noses

Man, Real man, Feminist man, Wake up and shout!
Tell your peers not to talk about the women as if objects they were
Shut the mouth who says the women have not to participate
Stop and punish strongly to who makes the women hurt

Men, Real men, Feminist men, Wake up and act!
Seek for the rapists and destroy them in their totally being
Denounce your neighbour if he hits his woman and children
Stop violently whoever does violence against the girls

Educate your children to be people into the Feminism
The World will change and Feminist it will be
The only way for the Humanity to survive, listen to me
With the Planet and Nature, all, at the Beginning, Happy Will Be
Forever, We Will See.




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